Friday, January 13, 2012

Fresh New Start

I have been totally inspired by some blogs I have stumbled across lately. I LOVE to decorate and create - that being said I have come to the conclusion that I should blog about the changes I am constantly making to my home. I'm still going to throw a little bit of family and teaching info in there, because I can and I do what I want. :) I am excited, and can't wait to start blogging about the changes myself and my husband (who I affectionally call Big Daddy) are making to our house. I'll post a blog soon about our home, and then i'll follow up frequently with before and afters, projects in progress, craftiness, ideas, and LOTS of other goodies. I hope you'll follow us along the way - trust me, it will be entertaining. Here's to sweet tea, teachin', and decoratin'!

This Southern Girl,


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